Finest of Features

Give your customer what they deserve & Stay on track via your Smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop.

Send your client well designed invoices and quotes fast and securely with Cloudbillz

Use the device of your choice to ensure your customer receives a well presented quote and invoice. Be it PDF or web view.

Receive instant payments via online payment gateways

With just a few clicks, your clients can make payments via online payment gateways. And the best part is all payments will be tracked automatically.

Be Organized

If you want to track your invoice payments for each invoice in the payment history you have the option to update your manual payments manually apart from the online automate payments.

Generate receipts for your clients

Within a matter of seconds, you can easily generate receipts of the payments and email them to your clients.

Automatic payment reminders

Stay Hassle free with our Automatic Payment, As it reminds the customer when the payment is due and also inform them of any overdue payments. This feature is fully customizable, so you get to decide the date, time and the intervals of your reminders. with a click of a button switch between automated reminders and manual reminders, should you choose to reminder a specific invoice.

Quotes-to-invoices conversion made easy

With just a click, your quotes will be converted into invoices, marking all invoiced quotes with a tick, thus making it easier to find quotes that you missed to invoice.

Maintain Multiple Tax Types

Adding multiple Tax types, Discounts, Shipping costs to your invoices and quotes is not a problem anymore! You can pre-define your tax types in general settings or even customize the tax amounts of individual invoices. which will be added to your invoices automatically.

Stay Alert

As soon as your client views your quote or invoice, you will receive a notification via an email.

Let Customers Approve or Decline Quotes

This feature allows your clients to approve or decline your quotes via CloudBillz with a note. You will be immediately notified and your system will be updated automatically according to the decision of client.

See overdue payments at a glance

You can have a quick look on the overdue payments, overdue dates, paid invoices, partial payments with an option to organize them, as per your preferences.

View the status of all your invoices and quotes

Automatic status updates will stamp all your invoice and quotes as sent, viewed, paid, partial paid to show the current status of the invoice give you a better overview of your finances.

Clone invoices

Send duplicate invoices to different clients with just a single click.

View all user activities of invoices

Cloudbillz allows You to view the history of different user’s activities for each and every invoice & can check the authorization of the invoice. This will give a transparent view of the creator and sender of the invoice as well as any addendums.

Work With Multiple Currencies

Work with the currency of your choice as Cloudbillz is fully capable of handling any currency type other than your base currency.

Multiple billing profiles

You can keep multiple billing profiles & businesses in a single account to invoice your clients.

Import & export data from excel sheets or CSV

Our data formats are compatible to use with other renowned invoicing systems so that you can easily import/export invoices, quotes and other records.

Automatic and secure backups

You data is secure and protected by the system that has been enabled with server backups, automated daily drop box backups and manual back up system.


Our system will provide a wealth of information to lead your future business moves in a smart direction. Dashboard will provide you a quick insight of your finances whenever you login to Cloudbillz.


Cloudbillz advanced reporting system will make sure receiving reports is a breeze. With a click of a button you can generate and view detailed insights of your transactions. You can decide to download the reports as a PDF or view it on Cloudbillz at anytime.

Invoice Report

Generate invoicing reports with our advanced data filtering where you can generate any kind of report for your invoices, as you preferred. You can download all your invoices in the report as PDF files separately.

Quotation Report

Generate quotation reports with our advanced data filtering where you can generate any kind of report for your quotations, as you preferred. Download reports as pdf files instantly.

Revenue by Client Report

Find out where your businesses come from and who your valuable clients are. Revenue by Client report will provide the total revenue earned from each client either it is the outstanding amounts or total collected payments, all of these options are there to select from.

Expense Report

Get your total business expenses including tax amounts easily with Expense report and get totals for different expense categories as you preferred.

Profit & Loss Report

A Profit and Loss Report (P&L) is a statement of financial results that provides your total Income and total Expenses in a specific period of time along with your net profit or loss according to your income and expenses. Use this financial statement to make your business decisions smartly.

Tax Summary Report

Easily generate a tax summary report that will provide you the summary of all types of taxes you have collected with the total values. Also you can get the summary of your tax values you have paid on your expenses.

Accounts Aging

Its just a few clicks to see how much your clients owe you at a glance, it will give you a detail report including client name/organization, past due dates along with total due amounts. Identify your clients paying patterns and make necessary actions before its too late.

Payments Collected

Payments collected report will provide you the total amounts you have collected from different clients in a specific period of time, all you have to do is select the client you wish to generate the report for.

Stay on Track

With cloudbillz you can now be informed about your expense 24x7. Our dedicated services will ensure complete data availability.

We’ll Hold on to that Receipt

You can attach appropriate documents such as receipts, bills, or supplier details that can easily help you keep track of your expenditures.

Record your project details and convert efforts into invoices

Keep track of every project or job you receive along with its payment details. Additionally, you can also convert your projects into invoices with a single click.

Attach all the invoices and quotes for projects and track them with no effort

Initiate a project or a job and bind it with the invoices and quotes being issued to that project for ease of references.

Multiple user accounts with customized user privileges

Cloudbillz gives you power and control through multiple user accounts. If you’re looking to give restricted access to your financers or even your shareholders or staffs you can create a user account for them. Users with different access levels will be able to access certain features of the system while you have full access with the administration account.

You just need to know what privileges you want to grant for your users

Invite accountants and bookkeepers to access your data

Invite your accountants or bookkeepers to access your financial reports. Your accountants can get real time information whenever it is required. Worried about security? Don’t be. You can always control what information you share with accountants through Cloudbillz.