Cloudbillz was created by Fexcon with one simple idea, To remove the physical boundaries of everyday invoicing tasks. It was a great endeavour to connect everyone, everywhere with one simple solution, Regardless of the platform. We opted out for the best of cloud technology for our customers, A product that they can trust and use on a daily basis without having too many complexities.

We’ve created Cloudbillz targeting real life issues and the very best of industry standards. No matter the if your business is medium or small, Our platform is versatile enough to cater to the needs of any business. Regardless where your clients reside, you will be always be connected to them, Allowing you to create businesses beyond the borders, Cloudbillz aims to break down barriers of distance and currencies.

So Join us in our story & reap the best of technology with Cloudbillz, Welcome to the future of Accounting.

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